2018 Board-Approved Changes

2018 Board-Approved Changes

The board members met in January to review what has been done in the past and things we are currently doing aiming to always discuss ways improve all aspects of the association. As your board members, we constantly strive to make the association, its meetings, and events the most beneficial and valuable as possible.

2018 Board Members:

  • ​Kenny Stark: President
  • Ray Lawson: Vice-President
  • Tim Hollon: Chairman
  • Doug Sanders: Vice-Chairman
  • Ron Edwards: Member-At-Large
  • Tim McCoy: Treasurer
  • Secretary: Matt Meyers

New Meeting Schedule:

  • We will be moving to a biannual meeting schedule. In January of the new year, the OFSA Annual Board Meeting will be held, to once again, review budgeting for the new year and discuss ways to make continuous improvements.
  • Our first meeting of each year will be held following the Spring Golf Outing.
  • Our second and final meeting of the year, will be held in September.

2018 Areas of Focus:

  • Increase membership
  • Increase involvement
  • Reinstate Scholarship Program
  • Research and discuss ways to educate the next generation of the sprinkler industry
  • Research/join other trade associations
  • Work to get better partnership with local fire marshals
  • Research and create 1st Annual OFSA Convention planned for April 2019. We are very excited about this event. Event will provide time for our general meeting, classes for continuous education, some time on the golf course and a trade show for vendors to show you their latest products.
  • Continuous training opportunities
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